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 Get Focused, Spark Creativity, and Find Joy!

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Being creative is hard, it's tough, and at times it's emotional. It's a continuous balancing act between what you see and what you know is possible. You're balancing the information of the world around you, the opinions of others, and one element you can't change - time. 

At Lee Rivers Coaching and Consulting, we help you figure out how to manage all of it.  Whether it's time management, eliminating distractions, building a plan, or just showing up for yourself. The focus is yours and the goal is always to make it your reality. 

We want to help you do the things you love and make sure you enjoy doing them.  

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It's scary how much we can talk ourselves out of doing things. We never know the impact it has on the world or the people around us. Sometimes we even get started, feel like we are failing, and then stop. 

Creativity Coaching is a partnership where you can collaborate with a coach to move closer to your true passions. In the world we are living in, it is easy to get wrapped up in your fears, overloaded with information, and feel like you never have enough time. Working with a coach you will learn to empower yourself through distractions, find balance, get organized, and ahead of the noise. 

During our coaching sessions, we create space for you to get back to the basics. We clear the canvas by listening and allowing you to exist as you are.  This is what allows the mind to release and create with ease.

Creating is hard but it's also fulfilling and rewarding. Hard doesn't mean it has to be done alone! 

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Six Areas We Help Build Awareness Around 

Silence Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Going after what you want always comes with some element of fear. Remembering the more you focus on fear or don't address it directly it will continue to grow. Fear is debilitating and it's fake but it always feels real. Exploring how you can stand up to fear every time it creeps in and lies to you.

Building Self Empowerment Tools 

How and when do you show yourself compassion? With the world ready to tell you so much about if or when you are "qualified" for something, we often internalize these messages. It's time you focus on valuing your natural talents and enjoying life by tapping into them to build the vision you have for your life.

Killing Perfectionism 

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Here it is in three words for you "share the work". As a creative, we get attached to our work. We can spend hours picking and finding flaws in it before anyone provides feedback. Sometimes we experience frustration if someone doesn't "get it" right away. What if you learned how to balance the progress over the perfection?

Building Managing Timelines

How well are you prioritizing your workload? Do you always feel like you're playing catch up or still pulling those overnights on a project?  Crafting reasonable and ideal timeframes for your projects will increase your productivity levels and leave you with time to enjoy your work. 

Ending Burning Out

Are you aware of the signs when burnout is approaching? Not addressing your signals, can cause you to lose interest and motivation. Understanding what makes YOU experience burnout helps avoid the aftermath of burning out.   

Creating A Reliable Support System

We know you want to do it all and by yourself, but I want to ask why? Doing it alone doesn't make it easier. Establishing your winning circle and trusting in that circle can help you get through those road clacks. The more people know what you do, is how the world gets to enjoy your talent. Lets build that team!

Ready to get started ? Try a free coaching call

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I'm Jeneva Hall, the founder of Lee Rivers Coaching and Consulting. I am a Creativity Coach, Facilitator, and DEI Strategist. To sum that up, I am creative. No, I don't have a viral video (yet!),  but I am passionate, curious, and always looking for ways to spark change in the world.

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Coaching Services 

Creativity Coaching 

We provide a space for creators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, to explore, challenge and question your thoughts and ideas.  We provide one on one coaching, & group services.

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